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Early Childhood Music Therapy

Early Childhood Music Therapy is for young children, ages 0-3, who need extra support in the areas of speech and language, motor development, self-expression and socialization and who like music!  Music experiences are created based upon specific targeted goals for each child.  As the participants ‘music’ together, non-musical skills are encouraged!

  • Vocal interventions and kazoo play are utilized to elicit vocalizations and develop oral skills. 
  • Instrumental improvisations allow for non-verbal expression, which is one essential developmental skill before the emergence of speech. 
  • Consonant chants and songs are chosen based upon the current verbal skills of the group members. 
  • Singing and Signing Song experiences help young children learn early sign language skills.
  • Sitting/standing/lying on the big gathering drum provides opportunities for the music to stimulate many senses and involve the children at many levels.
  • Specific instruments are chosen depending upon each child’s fine motor/gross motor abilities and needs for ‘Everybody Play’ experiences.
  • Movement interventions, utilizing the cooper band, scarves, streamers, bean bags, etc., are created to develop gross and fine motor skills.

Saturdays, 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.
Tuition is $160 per semester (10 weeks)
Classes begin on Jan. 21.

Please call the CMS office at 355-7661 to enroll.

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